Foreign Fund Representation

Hugo Fund Services provides efficient representation services for foreign funds marketed and distributed in Switzerland to qualified investors only.

By appointing a Swiss representative for their funds, fund managers, promoters and distributors are able to actively market their products directly to qualified investors in Switzerland with limited restrictions.

Hugo Fund Services offers a user-friendly, web-based service providing its foreign fund clients with intelligent access to Swiss qualified investors and assets while lowering their marketing and compliance costs. click here to register

As part of its representation services, Hugo Fund Services assists you and your funds’ service providers in:

Reviewing your funds’ offering and marketing documents (to ensure compliance with the new Swiss disclosure obligations)

  • Reviewing your current distribution arrangements in Switzerland, if any (to ensure compliance with the new Swiss distribution obligations).
  • Selecting the Swiss paying agent which is legally required to be appointed (and liaising with your fund administrator or custodian bank to ensure operational efficiency).
  • Supporting your investor relations team and compliance officers in integrating the new Swiss legal requirements into your existing business and marketing workflow.

On an ongoing basis, Hugo Fund Services also:

  • Proactively monitors the evolving Swiss and pan-European regulatory landscape, and alerts you when changes may impact or benefit your fund marketing activities in Switzerland.
  • Liaises with your investor relations team to provide vital statistics and compliance support to any planned road-show in Switzerland.
  • Liaises with your compliance and legal officers throughout the year and in connection with your funds’ annual audits or compliance reviews.
  • Receives important correspondence, regulatory and legal notices in a timely manner, seamlessly routes the information available to your fund and the relevant parties in real-time, strictly in accordance with your delivery instructions, and tracks delivery to the ultimate recipients.